The International Association of Aging Specialists is a non-profit organization providing certification to professionals providing care to aging clients and patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

[+] [-] How could certification benefit me?
Certification demonstrates that you have met clear and established guidelines of training and experience in the field of caring for the aging. Many providers take pride in developing a specialty in particular approaches, and obtaining a certification is one way to emphasize and give credibility to those efforts. For some, certification may help to distinguish themselves in the healthcare marketplace.
[+] [-] How could certification benefit my clients?
Many clients benefit from knowing that their providers have verified training and experience in caring for the aging. An added feeling of confidence in providers may increase belief and expectancy that the treatment is effective.
[+] [-] How does certification relate to competency?
Competency in is a life-long pursuit and not a black or white construct (i.e., competent versus not competent). Competency relates to training to acquire relevant professional and scientific knowledge, experience with the appropriate supervision and/or consultation to acquire professional skills, and the ability to recognize one’s limits of competency, signaling the need for further training, experience, supervision, consultation, or to refer the client on to another professional.
[+] [-] How long does the certification process take?
The certification approval process takes between 3-4 weeks.
[+] [-] What is the difference between a certificate and certification?
Certificate Programs and Certification are an increasing segment of the behavioral health and healthcare continuing education marketplace. We understand that with new items and change that there can be confusion of the different terms and what they mean. For our purposes we define the following terms as such: - Certificate Programs indicate successful completion of a course, or series of courses, that recognize a specialty area of practice or set of skills. This demonstrates knowledge at a set time and has no ongoing requirements. - Professional Certifications are time-limited recognition evidencing competency as measured against predetermined and standardized criteria, typically by application and/or exam. These standardized criteria can include both academic and non-academic accomplishments such as hours in practice and licensure requirements. Certifications have ongoing requirements to maintain certification that require the holder to demonstrate s/he continues to meet or exceed the requirements set by the organization.
[+] [-] Where do I get the training to be certified?
The International Association of Aging Professionals recognizes training from regionally and nationally accredited universities as well as approved continuing education courses and workshops.
[+] [-] What is the International Association of Aging Professionals' return and refund policy?
A full refund of your purchase can be issued within 30 days from the day in which we received your payment.

Certified Provider Registry

[+] [-] How do I join your provider registry?
Professionals who are Certified through Evergreen Certifications are welcome to join. Get started HERE
[+] [-] I made my provider registry payment, but don't see my name and/or Certification listed. What happened?
Two things could have happened: 1. There's a short delay of 10 minute in updating the registry. 2. Your Certification through Evergreen Certifications is not Active. Only Active Certifications are listed.
[+] [-] Provider registry user agreement and disclaimer
Evergreen Certification’s Certified Therapist Registry consists of therapists who have met our criteria for certification. Choosing a therapist appropriate to treat an individual, couple, family, or system requires evaluation beyond a therapist’s degree, licensure, and certification(s). The EVGCI encourages consumers to weigh their available options carefully and to seek the direct advice of health professionals when needed. Buy purchasing a listing in the registry or accessing the registry, users agree to release without exception EVGCI members, advisors, affiliates, and employees from all claims, damages, demands, rights or causes of action, present or future, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, arising from or in any manner resulting from or related to use of this registry. Further, users hereby agree to waive all such claims, damages, demands, rights or causes of action and declare that this waiver and release is to be binding upon their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns.

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